Zoology POs, PSOs

B.Sc - Program Outcomes (POs)

  • PO-1: Students get knowledge of animal diversity, and is role in ecosystem.
  • PO-2: Students gained fundamental knowledge of animal physiology.
  • PO-3: Students understood skill of execute the role of biology teachers and medical lab technician with training.
  • PO-4: Students understand the knowledge of genetics and evolution.

B.Sc - Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

  • POS-1: Students understood the knowledge of Animal science and interaction with environment and various living organisms.
  • POS-2: Students understood complex evolutionary process and behaviour of an animal.
  • POS-3: Students understood environmental conservation its importance biodiversity and protection of endangered species.
  • POS-4: Students understood agro based small scale industries like sericulture , apiculture fish farming, poultry, dairy and vermiculture.
  • POS-5: Students understood area of taxonomy, physiology cell biology genetics clinical science tools and techniques.
  • POS-6: Students understood animal biotechnology, immunology, toxicology and research methodology.
  • POS-7: Students understood he application of biological science in medicine agriculture and allied fields of zoology.
  • POS-8: Students understood various concept of genetics and its importance in human health.

M.Sc - Program Outcomes (POs)

  • PO-1: Students understood systematic position and importance of taxonomic study in biology , morphological studies of phylum protozoa up to Echinodermata.
  • PO-2: Students understood different kinds of taxonomic keys and its merits and demerits
  • PO-3: Students understood phylogeny salient features and classification up to the classes.
  • PO-4: Students understood biotechnology Biostatistics, molecular biology and genetics etc.

M.Sc - Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

  • POS-1: Students understood structure and functions of bio molecules like carbohydrates, amino acids, proteins, fats and nucleic acids.
  • POS-2: Understood biochemical thermodynamics.
  • POS-3: Students understood metabolic pathways of bio molecules.
  • POS-4: Students understood regulation of metabolism and concept of homeostasis.
  • POS-5: Students can work as Biological lab. technician.
  • POS-6: They can work as conversationalist, herpetologist, Zookeeper etc.
  • POS-7: Students Learners can work for NIO, CIFE, CFTRI,CCMB for research.