The college Gymkhana was also established in the same year. The college Gymkhana has a great tradition of nurturing and cultivating quality sportspersons. Every year our college learners participate at International, National, State, Inter-University, University level competitions. Aims and objectives ‘Sports is completing the state of Physical, Mental & Social well-being of individual & not merely any infirmity & disease’. If the personality development is one of the objectives of education then the development of physical, health, healthy mind & good thoughts are the objectives of Physical education. The first and foremost objectives of Gymkhana is to make the students physically, mentality and socially strong. At the same time, bodybuilding is one of the aims of the Gymkhana. To make healthy citizens, who will participate not only in sports but also in the formation of the nation, it is possible through physical education and sports. Exercise affects the body mechanism & lastly effects on the long life of an individual. The value of exercise or training has certain lasting results on the efficiency of the body. Again exercise becomes the peacemaker for the more efficient operation of the human body. Another objective of our Gymkhana is to cultivate discipline, character & citizenship in the students. A child, who is physically fit & free from illness able to concentrate on learning. While physical fitness is essential, mental & emotional health is an absolute necessity for proper concentration & learning. Lastly, the cultivation of brotherhood is the leading objectives of Our Gymkhana.

Awards/Recognitions received by faculty and students

West Zone Inter University Hand ball Player

  • Kum. Akshada T. Gawas - F.Y.B.Com

Inter Collegiate Cricket Zone Winner

  • Rajaram D. Gawas - F.Y.B.A.
  • Nikhil R. Bhartu - T.Y.B.Com
  • Ratanaji V. Thakur - M.Com-I
  • Jayandra D. Degavekar - S.Y.C.S.
  • Abhishek A. Pai - S.Y.C.S.
  • Rajesh R. Shivalkae - T.Y.B.Sc.
  • Sitaram K.Chari - S.Y.B.Sc.IT
  • Vaibhav S.Chavan - F.Y.B.A.
  • Siddesh M. Redkar - T.Y.B.Com.
  • Rajaram S. Parab – T.Y.B.Com.
  • Dattaram S. Parab- T.Y.B.Com.
  • Vasant P. Pednekar - S.Y.B.Com.
  • Bhaskar S. Malvankar - F.Y.B.Com.
  • Anup D. Jadhav - T.Y.B.Com.
  • Pranil N. Parab - S.Y.B.Com.
  • Yogesh S. Kamble - F.Y.B.Com.

Inter Collegiate Foot ball Zone Winner

  • Hrishikesh S. Dhuri - T.Y.B.A.
  • Omkar G. Satam - T.Y.B.A.
  • Vikas G.Rawool - T.Y.B.A.
  • Rajaram D. Gawas - F.Y.B.A.
  • Nikhil R. Bhartu - T.Y.B.Com
  • Ratanaji V.Thakur - M.Com-I
  • Christophar C. Shirodkar - S.Y.C.S
  • Akshay S. Barde - T.Y.B.Sc.
  • Tanaji D. Londhe - F.Y.B.Com.
  • Joyson M. Fernandes - F.Y.B.Com.
  • Rahul N. Purohit - F.Y.B.Sc.
  • Sanket A. Kadam - F.Y.B.Sc.
  • Shreyas M. Desai - F.Y.B.A.
  • Ashish D. Gewari - S.Y.B.A.
  • Dattaram H. Arekar - T.Y.B.Com.

Inter Collegiate Volley ball Zone Runner

  • Narendra D. Morje - F.Y.B.Com.
  • Jonty B. Fernandes - T.Y.B.Com.
  • Sai L. Malkar - T.Y.B.Com.
  • Samsung S. Fernandes - F.Y.B.A.
  • Siraj V. Umarakr - T.Y.B.Com.
  • Ninad B. Rane - S.Y.B.Sc.
  • Nikhil R. Bhartu - T.Y.B.Com.
  • Hrishikesh S. Dhuri - T.Y.B.Com.

Inter Collegiate Inter zonal Kabaddi super8th quailing women team

  • Sneha A. Tilve - M.Sc-II
  • Alisca P. Almeida - T.Y.B.Sc.
  • Ruchita R. Gawade - T.Y.B.Com.
  • Santoshi S. Kolekar - T.Y.B.Com.
  • Soonam S. Rawool - S.Y.B.Com.
  • Pooja R. Sawant - S.Y.B.Com.
  • Diksha D. Patil - F.Y.B.A.
  • Aishwarya S. Tumbare - F.Y.B.Sc.
  • Nidhi N. Gawade - F.Y.B.Com.
  • Pratiksha P. Rawool - F.Y.B.A.